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Told ya it's a way of life! I took this picture during the season I worked in Austria as a Snowboard-teacher. The ultimate end of a working-day in the Alps is to share an icecold beer with fellow teachers. My best friends over there loved the Radler beer; a refreshing beer with a taste of lemon and a low alcohol percentage. Perfect for the ones who have a long night of aprés-ski in view!
The original Radler actually is a result of emergency. The beer arose during a bicycle race in  the South of Germany in June 1922. More than 13.000 cyclers showed up and the pub of Franz Xavier Kugler, situated on the route, threatened to get out of beer. It was impossible to let this happen and the owner conceived a refreshing solution! He mixed his beer with sparkling lemon water and the Radler was born. Did you know that Radler actually means cyclist in German?!
The populair Austrian Radler beer is recently available from the Dutch brand AMSTEL as well! They pretent it to be double-refreshing and yet, the beer is so populair that its availability is limited! The AMSTEL Radler is a mixture of AMSTEL beer and sparkling lemon water. The beer has an alcohol percentage of just 2%, perfect to drink on a hot day or just after practicing your sport. It is available in pubs, restaurants and even supermarkets!


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