Monday, 29 July 2013

I would like to share something very personal with you guys! I am not sure where to post this picture of my recent tattoo, whether it is kind of a lifestyle and I think it's fashion as well... I decided to post this picture in 'Drawing' since I designed it myself. Tattooing is a kind of art I am very interested in, so be prepared on more tattoo-related drawings an posts! ;) Maybe it is an idea to change the topic to 'Draw-inks' instead of 'Drawings'...
Let me give you some more information about the design. My tattoo can be described in 1 sentence:  'Have dreams no expectations, 'cause life is a journey with so many destinations.' The anchor stays for the journey of life, but at the same time for being the captain of your own soul. Don't be afraid to be yourself anytime, anyway. The lightning is a symbol for power and masculinity. All my passions (soccer, snowboarding, surfing, skating, beer drinking:P - and the whole lifestyle around) are kinda masculin and my environment made me feel uncertain to have hobbies this masulin and actually show it off. But the most important message of my tattoo maybe is the combination of the anchor and the lightning; which tells that the journey of life is not a straight line. You can reach the same goals by taking another way sometimes!
Oh and... yes, it does hurt like hell! :)
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