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- A sandy beach (with good surfing!) stretching 18 KM from the Waimakariri River mouth in the North, to the spit in the South
- Restaurants and art/craft-related shops in growing numbers
- The New Brighton beach counts two surfclubs called North Beach Surfclub to the North, and South Beach Surfclub (how original) to the South
- Home of the first Surf Live-Saving club in New-Zealand, established in 1910
- The Maori name for the area is O-ruapaeroa which means an East wind blowing along the shore

Let's start exploring a very special place I visited on my trip Down-Under last year (2012). I would like you to explore New Brighton, which is a suburb of Christchurch. This city in New-Zealand is well known worldwide due to the 2010 earthquakes, and the 2011 earthquakes with their incredibly destroying aftershocks. In only 10 seconds 185 People were killed, making this the second-deadliest natural disaster of New-Zealand. We are living in the year 2013 now and the city still isn't rebuild. The first sight a visitor will get of Christchurch are the many collapsed buildings, which are still in te same place waiting to be recoverd. It is just terrifying.

Talking about New Brighton, a visitor will see destroyed, collapsed and wiped buildings as well, but not with the same feeling of sadness. In this alternative suburb of Christchurch, people joined forces and used their creativity to perk up their environment a bit. The hippie/surf-spirit really floats around in the streets of New Brighton. In between the waifs and strays, you will find several spots to mosey along. Not only youth makes use of this incredibly cheerful places, eldery people enjoy the atmosphere of their 'refurbished' environment as well! Let me show you some pictures I took weil wandering around New Brighton.

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Graffiti is an art which is often seen and they really have some experts working in New Brighton!

Copying? Please refer to BOEF
This is one of the places were used to stand a building before the earthquakes. Some picnic tables and self-made art is placed and a pleasant atmosphere created. It looks much better than the waifs and strays that lay here before!

This incredible spot, also created by locals, offers the possibility to plug in your own music in boxes that were put down!
Another amazing thing not to miss are the New Brighton sunsets, which are probably the most beautiful sunsets on the whole Southern Island of New Zealand!

The beautiful 300 meters pier of New Brighton was opened in November1997 and luckily survived the earthquakes! It seems to bring you to the other side of the oceans.

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